Map Feedback API Developer's Guide

Road-Specific Properties

Road feedback can be sent as POINT or LINE data.

Table 1. Road-Specific Properties
Element Required Data Type Description
referenceIds No String[] Reference IDs for roads for which feedback is submitted.

We recommend that you provide a reference ID to speed up the feedback processing.

roadname No String Road name
languageCode No String ISO 639-2/B language for road name. Must be specified if you provide names for the road in different languages.
type No String Road type category
speedCat No String Average driving speed indication as shown in the Speed Category values table.
dir No String Allowed travel direction
  • 0 – both ways
  • 1 – one way
oda No Integer When you specify a road-specific error code, use the oda parameter from the Other display attributes bitfield values table to specify additional information about the road segment.
odaMask No Integer Bitmask of relevant odaMask changes
access No Integer Access Characteristics from the Access attributes bitfield table
accessMask No Integer Bitmask of relevant access changes
zipcode No String Place postal code

The following tables describe the values some of the properties above.

Table 2. Road type codes
Road type code Description
1 Motorway
2 Main
3 Local access
4 Residential
5 Trail
6 Truck: Delivery road
Table 3. Speed Category values
SpeedCat code Description
1 > 130 km/h / 80 mph
2 101-130 km/h / 65-80 mph
3 91-100 km/h / 55-64 mph
4 71-90 km/h / 41-54 mph
5 51-70 km/h / 31-40 mph
6 31-50 km/h / 21-30 mph
7 11-30 km/h / 6-20 mph
8 < 11 km/h / < 6 mph
Table 4. Other display attributes bitfield values
Bit Value Description
0 1 Paved
1 2 Bridge
2 4 Tunnel
3 8 Ramp
4 16 Roundabout
5 32 Frontage Road
6 64 Special Traffic Figure
7 128 Tollway
Table 5. Access attributes bitfield
Bit Value Description
0 1 Automobile
1 2 Bus
2 4 Taxi
3 8 Carpool
4 16 Pedestrian
5 32 (unused)
6 64 Truck
7 128 Through traffic
8 256 Delivery
9 512 Emergency vehicle
10 1024 Motorcycle

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