HERE Map Tile v2 Release Notes

Resolved Issues

The table below lists issues resolved in this release.

42 items.

Table 1. List of Resolved Issues
Cust. ID Description
  [LG][HERE-13642][LGEDEV-40402] ROW : Non Apix HUD: Road name is keep flashing when vehicle approaches to a roundabout
  [LG][HERE-13299][LGEDEV-39047] Navigation app crashes, when user changes the route preferences before guidance starts
  [LG][HERE-13206][LGEDEV-38206] Incomplete Parking PDC content via Free Search
  [LG][HERE-13197][LGEDEV-38820] VITAL - Maps not loaded, only white screen seen
  [LG][HERE-13178][LGEDEV-38777] Search result list and view ports are not updating when we pan the map away from the CCP.
  [LG][HERE-13176][LGEDEV-38779] Guidance starts prematurely when 'Routes' button is pressed
  [LG][HERE-13146][LGEDEV-38716] User cannot swipe up the guidance card to add any way point through "Add Way point" button
  [LG][HERE-13141][LGEDEV-38706] Waypoint cannot be deleted after using RBR
  [LG][HERE-13140][LGEDEV-38693] Updating screen is shown continously, when user tries to delete waypoint after route change through RBR.
  [LG][HERE-13135][LGEDEV-38666] [TCS_PIVI_Manual] Parking results are not displayed
  [LG][HERE-13072][LGEDEV-35118]Navigation voice guidance is working on splash screen
  [LG][HERE-13067][LGEDEV-38068] Add way point option is minimizing on the PDC screen when we selected way point from fuel stops on Navigation Home tiles
  [LG][LGEDEV-38094][HERE-13063] Updating screen shown for long time , guidance is not start towards the selected destination
  [LG][HERE-13057][LGEDEV-38398][ROW] On startup Navigation positioned the CCP at left side of the map area under support cards.
  [LG][HERE-13026][LGEDEV-38244] RoW: Nav Home Page shows 0.0mi to next manoeuvre right after system startup
  [LG][HERE-12874][LGEDEV-37750] ROW: Map update available did not display when reinserting v528 map USB stick after a failed update attempt
  [LG][HERE-12850][LGEDEV-37553] Invalid Category Numbers for bookable places
  [LG][HERE-12843][LGEDEV-37400] Low fuel search results view ports(markers) are not shown on map, when tap on More button in Low Fuel popup.
  [sdk][HERE-12740][LGEDEV-37388] ROW : Few seconds CCP is away from active route ( Recover after few seconds)
  [LG][HERE-12734][LGEDEV-37389] ROW : Gap between Junction View and TBT box too large in HLDF
  [LG][HERE-12731][LGEDEV-37383] ROW : Guidance card is not minimized when route is active
  [LG][HERE-12725][LGEDEV-37390] ROW : Navigation screen orientation has been changed when user close " Finding parking " popup
  [sdk][HERE-12724][LGEDEV-37366] ROW : Speed camera warning is not removed from HLDF.
  [LG][HERE-12704][LGEDEV-37380] ROW : Auto-follow CCP view is not applied after user starts guidance. Whole route preview is shown instead
  [LG][HERE-12479][LGEDEV-36578] User ends route calculation - Navi shows no route set - then 30s later (long route) spontaneously resumes same route and starts guidance without user input
  [LG][HERE-12385][LGEDEV-36365]ROW: Unable to recover (without console access) from interrupted map installation.
  [LG][HERE-12255][LGEDEV-35767] ROW : ROW : Unable to cancel route from navigation screen(Intermittent). Route disappears but TBT remains on screen
  [LG][HERE-12193][LGEDEV-35617][TCS_PIVI_Manual] Telephone : Navigation Screen should be launched on clicking Address saved for Contact.
  [LG][HERE-11954][LGEDEV-34781]NAS CW43Drive - Navigation map is missing icons for construction zones
  [LG][HERE - 11847] [LGEDEV-34513] HERE ROW : CCP orientation is not heading upwards in 3D when user cancel the route.
  [LG][HERE-11596][LGEDEV-33569][TCS_PIVI_Manual] Navigation view is max zoom in, user scroll the navi landing page and selects re-center, view is extra zoomed in
  [lg][HERE-11275][LGEDEV-29708][NAVI_ROW][Field-Test] Ccp moved in the direction of the car's movement to reroute the route, but back to the original route.
  [LG][HERE-11115][LGEDEV-31470]NAS - Navigation/HERE No results CA addresses
  [LG][HERE-10901][LGEDEV-30465] HERE ROW : Unable to cancel ongoing route calculation - "Cancel" button is greyed out most of the time. When it's available, it doesn't work
  [HERE-10670][LGEDEV-29559][TCS_PIVI_Manual] search list number order is not correct, duplicate addresses are listed
  [LG][HERE-10493][LGEDEV-28911] NAS Navigation - Search card recent destination list has many duplicate entries
  [LG][HERE-10479][LGEDEV-28926] HERE ROW : CCP and active route are not center of front screen following startup
  [LG][HERE-9771][LGEDEV-25783]NAS -HERE NY Borough address not found (Queens) sometimes
  [LG][HERE-9573][LGEDEV-25256][NAS] Junction view does not appear at the correct distance from maneuver
  [LG][HERE-9572][LGEDEV-25254]NAS - Online POI results show wrong address order for US market
  [LG][HERE-8466][LGEDEV-22182] Incorrect information shown in About section of LGE, NAVI settings, Map version.
  [LG][HERE-8386][LGEDEV-21831] One box search didn’t time out