Map Tile API Developer's Guide

Traffic Coverage

The HERE Map Tile API Traffic supports the regions listed below. Traffic tiles for other regions can still be requested from the API, but they will not show any traffic information.

Market code Country code Country
A0101 USA Alabama/Georgia USA
A0102 USA Florida USA
A0103 USA Eastern PA/Southern NJ/Delaware USA
A0104 USA Western PA/New York USA
A0105 USA Northern CA/Nevada USA
A0106 USA Southern CA and Las Vegas USA
A0107 USA Illinois/Indiana/Wisconsin USA
A0108 USA Michigan/Ohio USA
A0110 USA Virginia/Maryland/North Carolina/South Delaware USA
A0111 USA Northern Texas/Oklahoma USA
A0112 USA Southern Texas USA
A0114 USA Oregon/Washington USA
A0115 USA Arizona/New Mexico/Texas USA
A0116 USA Colorado/Utah USA
A0117 USA Idaho/Montana/Wyoming USA
A0118 USA North Central States USA
A0119 USA Kansas/Missouri/Southern Illinois USA
A0120 USA New York/Northern NJ/Connecticut USA
A0121 USA Kentucky/Tennessee/Indiana USA
A0122 USA Ohio/West Virginia USA
A0125 USA North Carolina/South Carolina USA
A0126 USA Hawaii USA
A0129 USA New England USA
A0133 USA Alaska USA
A0832 PRI Puerto Rico
A1C09 CAN Ontario Canada
A1C23 CAN British Columbia Canada
A1C24 CAN Quebec Canada
A1C27 CAN Alberta Canada
A1C28 CAN Manitoba Canada
A1C30 CAN NB, NS, PEI Canada
A1C31 CAN Saskatchewan Canada
A1C34 CAN Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
A1C35 CAN Yukon-Nunavut Canada
A2A47 ARG Argentina
A2B14 BRA Sul, Sudeste Brazil
A2B15 BRA Norte, Nordeste, Centro-Oeste Brazil
A5F36 MEX Mexico
D0A17 ZAF South Africa
E0301 AND Andorra
E0501 ITA Italy, San Marino, Vatican City
E0601 BEL Belgium
E0723 RUS Moscow Russia
E0724 RUS St. Petersburg Russia
E0725 RUS Yekaterinburg Russia
E0726 RUS Nizny Novgorod Russia
E0727 RUS Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Stavropol
E0728 RUS Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk, Vladivostok
E0A01 AUT Austria
E0B01 HUN Hungary
E0D01 DEU Germany
E1118 GRC Greece
E1409 CHE Switzerland and Liechtenstein
E1617 FIN Finland
E1701 LUX Luxembourg
E1801 BGR Bulgaria
E1909 DNK Denmark
E1C07 GBR United Kingdom
E1E01 ROU Romania
E1F32 FRA France and Monaco
E2225 CZE Czech Republic
E2305 POL Poland
E2551 SVK Slovakia
E2C43 LTU Lithuania
E2E17 ESP Spain and Gibraltar
E2F49 NOR Norway
E3242 IRL Ireland
E3336 TUR Turkey
E3817 NLD Netherlands
E3951 LVA Latvia
E3C33 HRV Croatia
E3E33 SWE Sweden
E4259 EST Estonia
E4633 UKR Ukraine
E4842 PRT Portugal
E4933 SVN Slovenia
F0153 AUS Canberra, CT Australia
F0254 AUS Sydney, NSW Australia
F0301 AUS Melbourne, V Australia
F0456 AUS Brisbane, Q Australia
F0557 AUS Adelaide, SA Austaralia
F0658 AUS Perth, WA Austaralia
F0759 AUS Hobart, TAS Australia
F0860 AUS Darwin, NT Australia
F0926 SAU Saudi Arabia
F0E58 BHR Bahrain
F0F05 MYS Kaula Lumpur, Johor Bahru Malaysia
F1626 OMN Oman
F1941 NZL New Zealand
F1D10 TWN Taiwan
F2130 KWT Kuwait
F2252 QAT Qatar
F2502 IND Central India
F2503 IND South India
F2504 IND North India
F2732 VNM Vietnam
F2834 PHL Philippines
F2A10 SGP Singapore
F2C23 IDN Jakarta Indonesia
F2D19 ARE United Arab Emirates (Dubai- Abu Dhabi- Sharjah)
F3219 THA Thailand

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