Map Tile API Developer's Guide

Dual Label Tile

This article shows how to make a request for a dual label map tile.

User story

The user wants to obtain a map image of Shanghai with the labels in English as the main language and Simplified Chinese as the secondary language. The tile requested uses the lg and lg2 parameters.

Note: Any combination of maptile and scheme can be used for dual label, in the following example we have chosen the maptile map tile and the scheme.

Request Summary

The following list summarizes the elements required to create a request matching the user story and shows, in square brackets, how those elements are used in the example(s) below. Note that the request example also uses the authentication parameters.

Resource: maptile [maptile], see also (resource) type
URL variables: {map id} [newest], see also Requesting the Right Map Version
  {scheme} [], see also scheme
  {zoom}/{column}/{row} [13/6694/3574], see also The Mercator Projection
  {size} [256], see also size
  {format} [png8], see also format
Parameters: lg = ENG, see also lg lg2 = CHI, see also lg2


The code block below demonstrates a complete request for a dual label tile.


The response to the request delivers the following map tile of Hong Kong.

Figure 1. Dual Label Map Tile