Map Tile API Developer's Guide

No Public Transport Map Tile

This article shows how to make a request for a maptilenopt map tile.

User story

The user wants to obtain a full color street map image of Berlin without public transport information

Request Summary

The following list summarizes the elements required to create a request matching the user story and shows, in square brackets, how those elements are used in the example(s) below. Note that the request example also uses the authentication parameters.

Resource: mapnopttile [mapnopttile], see also (resource) type
URL variables: {map id} [newest], see also Requesting the Right Map Version
{scheme} [], see also scheme
{zoom}/{column}/{row} [16/35209/21492], see also The Mercator Projection
{size} [256], see also size
{format} [png8], see also format


The code block below demonstrates a complete request for a map tile without public transport information.


The response to the request delivers a streep map image of Berlin without public transport information:

Figure 1. No public transport Tile