Map Tile API Developer's Guide

Geopolitical View Normal Day Map Tile

This article shows how to make a request for a tile with a geopolitical view disputed information.

User story

The user wants to obtain a map image of South Patagonian from the Argentinian point of view. The tile requested uses the pview parameter.

Request Summary

The following list summarizes the elements required to create a request matching the user story and shows, in square brackets, how those elements are used in the example(s) below. Note that the request example also uses the authentication parameters.

Resource: maptile [maptile], see also (resource) type
URL variables: {map id} [newest], see also Requesting the Right Map Version
  {scheme} [], see also scheme
  {zoom}/{column}/{row} [5/9/21], see also The Mercator Projection
  {size} [256], see also size
  {format} [png8], see also format
Parameters: pview, see also pview=ARG


The code block below demonstrates a complete request for a pview map tile.


The response to the request delivers the following map image showing a solid border representing Argentina's view on the Ice Field.

Figure 1. South Patagonian Ice Field Argentinian View

Please compare it with the same tile when pview is omitted, using the international view, which is showing a dashed border surrounding the South Patagonian Ice Field between Chile and Argentina.

Figure 2. South Patagonian Ice Field International View