Map Tile API Developer's Guide

Geopolitical View Handling

This chapter explains how to use the pview parameter.

Geopolitical View Utilization

The relevant parameter for political views are:

Table 1. Political Views request parameters
Parameter Type Description
pview String Use this parameter to render the map with boundaries based on international or local country views. In general, the international view should be used unless the map is being used within one of those countries for which a local view is available. If the parameter is specified and the view is supported, boundaries of the selected country view are being shown. Not specifying the parameter results in a default view of boundaries, a view that's being kept for legacy purposes without maintenance.
Note: There are several ways in which this API can be used, please check Geopolitical Views for details.
Note: You should check the /meta/pviews chapter for further information about how to get the most up to date list of political views available from the service.
Note: The international view is always identifed by the special code DEF.
Note: In metainfo tiles you must use this parameter if you want to see information that might be different depending on the geopolitical view.

Usage of Geopolitical View

The parameter pview can be used in a tile request to show the data according to a representation of the region for which the parameter was selected.

A typical use case is that a particular area of the world is considered as disputed by two or more countries. Therefore each country will show that area as part of his country. If you request the same tile with the political view of country A it will show the area belonging to A, if you request it with B, it will show the area belonging to B, if no view is used, then default view on that area will be used.

In this example the user wants to see a certain location in South Patagonia. First request is showing default view (International view showing dashed border surrounding the South Patagonian Ice Field between Chile and Argentina).

This requests renders the following tile

Figure 1. South Patagonian Ice Field

Requesting the same tile but using the Argentinian view on the area will show a solid border representing Argentina's view on the Ice Field.

This requests renders the following tile

Figure 2. South Patagonian Ice Field Argentinian View