Map Tile API Developer's Guide


This document introduces the Map Tile API and:

  • explains key concepts
  • provides examples
  • documents resources and query parameters
  • documents response structures and data types

What is the Map Tile API?

HERE Map Tile API is a RESTful API that retrieves map images for all regions of the world.

To get a map image, formulate a request that combines the URL and a set of parameters to specify details such as position, format, zoom level, and the map type of the map image. You can embed the resulting map image in web pages and applications.

Why use the Map Tile API?

Map Tile API addresses the following high level use cases:

  • get a map tile image
  • specify the viewing scheme of a map tile image
  • specify the zoom level of a map tile image
  • specify the resolution of a map tile image
  • identify different map versions
  • retrieve map copyright information
  • retrieve metadata information for a specific location