Map Tile API Developer's Guide

Range Tile Requests

Ranged tile requests are used to request more than one tile in a single request.

This is achieved by using the parameter range. This parameter can either be 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4, which indicates the size of the array of tiles returned.

When the parameter range is used, the parameter output=base64 must be used as well in order to get encoded base64 tiles as a result in a JSON object.

Note: Ranged requests can be combined with any other parameter, for example, it is valid to request a tile with pois and range=2x2 to get four tiles with poi information on them.

User story

The user wants to obtain several tiles in a single request.

Request Summary

The following list summarizes the elements required to create a request matching the user story and shows, in square brackets, how those elements are used in the example(s) below. Note that the request example also uses the authentication parameters.

Resource: maptile [maptile], see also (resource) type
URL variables: {map id} [newest], see also Requesting the Right Map Version
  {scheme} [], see also scheme
  {zoom}/{column}/{row} [19/83870/202622], see also The Mercator Projection
  {size} [256], see also size
  {format} [png8], see also format
Parameters: output = base64, see also output range = 2x2, see also range


The code block below demonstrates a complete request for ranged tiles.


This request results in a JSON object that:

has four tiles (range is 2x2),

has base64 encoded tiles (output is base64).

The output of this request is shown below.

Note: The base64 images have been shorted for readability.