Geopolitical Views

The HERE Vector Tile Service provides data that can be used to render the disputed boundaries according to either international or local country view.

Data from the server is represented by the kind property of the features from the boundaries layer. The disputed borders according to the political viewpoint of a country are encoded into kind:xx property, where xx is the supported country code.

For example by default style is configured to show the international view with a dashed border showing the South Patagonian Ice Field between Chile and Argentina.

South Patagonian Ice Field
Figure 1. South Patagonian Ice Field

To apply a local country view, the global.political_view variable needs to be set - either directly in vector layer style configuration:

  political_view: ar

or programmatically:

// assuming the base layer is an OMV layer
map.getBaseLayer().getProvider().getStyle().setProperty('global.political_view', 'ar');

If you would use the Argentinian view, of the same tile, it would show a solid border representing Argentina's view on the ice field.

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