Commercial Subscription Process

  1. Go to Find Products page and click on the listing.
  2. On the page with listing details, click Jump to pricing and plans.
  3. To subscribe to the listing with default pricing, click Subscribe.
  4. To subscribe to the listing with customized pricing, click Review pricing.
  5. Make sure to read the Terms and conditions and check Accept terms box.
  6. Click Start subscription.
  7. Confirm subscription activation in a pop-up screen by clicking Activate subscription. It takes a few minutes to prepare your subscription.
  8. As soon as it is done, you have access to the catalog and review subscription details on Your subscriptions page.
Listing Details
Figure 1. Listing Details
Subscription Details
Figure 2. Subscription Details
Subscription Confirmation
Figure 3. Subscription Confirmation
Subscription Configuration
Figure 4. Subscription Configuration
Subscription Overview
Figure 5. Subscription Overview

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