Get Neutral Server Data

After you have executed a licensing agreement with a Marketplace provider and subscribed to the Neutral Server data, you can access the Neutral Server container data. A Neutral Server container is a set of data (resources) provided by the Marketplace provider and available to the Marketplace consumer in the form of listings through the HERE platform.


You must have a HERE platform account to proceed. If you do not have an account, contact your organization's HERE platform administrator and request to be invited to the HERE platform as described in Add and Manage Groups.

Get App Credentials

To access HERE platform data with your application, register the app and generate an ID and credentials.

For more information on how to register an application and generate app credentials, see Manage Apps.

Once your application is registered, provide the app ID to the person who manages HERE platform groups for your organization. That person must add the app ID to the HERE platform group that grants access to the catalog you want. For more information, see Add and Manage Groups.


Your app and associated credentials do not inherit your user permissions or your group memberships. A user or an app needs to be a member of the Consumer Management group in order to access data. Contact your admin to add your app to groups to grant you access to the HERE platform resources.

You also require an Authorization Token to get access and check the consent request status.

  • Authorization - HERE platform Bearer Token for Authentication and Authorization. Go to HERE website and log into your HERE account. Open Apps & keys page to create a new app and get credentials, and a token. Read more on how to request a token.

To help you manage token requests, HERE offers the Authorization, Authentication and Accounting SDK. This SDK includes a sample application that you can use to request tokens. You can access the Authorization, Authentication and Accounting SDK at our GitHub account. See the GitHub repository README for instructions on compiling and running the sample application.

Get Container Resources

The Neutral Server API requests include the following parameters that are available to the Marketplace consumer at the Marketplace subscription page:

  • (1) Provider HRN - Marketplace provider HERE Resource Number (HRN). For example, hrn:here:neutral::olp-here-ns-realm:provider_id.
  • (2) Container ID - Identifier of a container of the Marketplace provider.
  • (3) Consent Request ID - Identifier at the end of the URL that you get after creating a consent request. For example, AG847633.
A consent request page with Provider HRN, Container ID, and Consent Request ID
Figure 1. A consent request page with Provider HRN, Container ID, and Consent Request ID

To get container resources, make the following request, using Provider HRN, Vehicle ID, Container ID, and Consent Request ID:

GET /providers/{providerHrn}/vehicles/{vehicleId}/containers/{containerId}
{providerHrn}: Marketplace Provider HRN
{vehicleId}: Vehicle identification number of a car
{containerId}: Container ID
  • Vehicle ID - Vehicle identification number (VIN). For example, JH1TB2H25CC000000.

The request must be provided with headers:

Authorization: valid HERE token of Marketplace consumer
Consent Request ID:

Example of a successful response:

Status code 200


    "distancesincestart": {
        "value": "276",
        "timestamp": 1592561349847
    "odometer": {
        "value": "3005",
        "timestamp": 1592561349847
    "distancesincereset": {
        "value": "1234",
        "timestamp": 1592561349847

In case of a wrong Authorization token, you get a response:

Status code 403


    "error_description": "These credentials do not authorize access"
    "title": "Request processing exception",
    "code": "E501114",
    "cause": "Data provider 'daimler' response: Resource not found",
    "action": "Modify request according to data provider requirements"

In case the Consent Request ID is missing, you get a response:

    "title": "Consent token not found",
    "status": 404,
    "code": "E501126",
    "cause": "Token is not provided for consent request id 'null'",
    "action": "Clarify with Consent Management team if requested vehicle id has consent",
    "correlationId": "1e5748d6-a788-4c61-bb88-78418da6e8aa"


Each execution of the specific resource call corresponds to a purchased call. If no data is available for the resource within 12 hours, the response will be empty. The endpoint returns the HTTP status code 204, and no payment is required for the request.

For more details on how to check the consent request status for a specific VIN and/or check the common consent request status such as the number of pending, approved, and revoked consent requests, see Check Consent Request Status.

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