Add and Manage Groups

HERE platform enables you to work in teams by using groups. If you are a Marketplace consumer administrator, you are automatically assigned to a default group named Consumer Management. Consumer Management group allows users to access HERE Marketplace menus and Consumer functions.

As a Consumer Management group user, you can start contract negotiations with a Marketplace provider and agree to license data on HERE Marketplace. Once a subscription is activated, the management group can access licensed data. The group can also share licensed data with their internal development groups through the Sharing tab in the Data UI.

For information on managing groups, see Manage Groups.

Invite Users to Your HERE Platform Account

Before you can add users to your group, you must invite them to your HERE platform account.

  1. Check that you are a HERE platform administrator for your realm. See Entities, Roles, and Permissions for information.
  2. Invite a new user to your account. See Invite Users for information.
  3. To accept the invitation, the user must follow the link in the email invitation and create an account on the HERE platform.
  4. After the user has created a HERE platform account, they can create app credentials. See Manage Apps for information. App credentials must be supplied to the Consumer Manager.

Adding Groups

To add a new group, see Manage Groups for information.

Add Users

After you have created a new group, you can add users. See Manage Groups for information.

New users must have the catalog HERE Resource Name (HRN) to read subscription data. You can get the HRN from the Your Subscriptions screen. See Manage Subscriptions for information.

Add Apps

Applications that read data from a subscribed catalog must be added to the group that grants access to the catalog. When you receive an app ID from a user, add it to the group so that the application can access the catalog. See Manage Groups for information.

Sharing Catalogs

To grant access to users, you must share the catalog with the group. For instructions, see Share a Catalog.

Sharing Schemas

Catalogs may contain layers with schemas. If a catalog has layers with schemas, you must share the schemas with your group.

  1. In the HERE platform, open the catalog.
  2. Click each layer and note which layers use a schema. Since schemas are optional, not all catalogs have layers with a schema.
  3. Click the Data tab.
  4. Click Browse Schemas.
  5. For each schema you need to share, click the schema then click the Sharing tab and share the tab with your group.

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