Neutral Server and Consent Management Services

Neutral Server and Consent Management features operate as an extension of Marketplace capabilities. Based on European Automobile Association (ACEA) Extended Vehicle concept and ISO 20078 standard, HERE Neutral Server acts as an external General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant hub. Neutral Server feature facilitates secure and non-discriminatory distribution of vehicle sensor data and enables offerings of Personally identifiable information (PII) data.

HERE platform stores and distributes Neutral Server-based data in the form of containers. A Neutral Server container is a set of data (resources), provided by the Marketplace provider, and available to the Marketplace consumer in the form of listings through HERE platform.

As a Marketplace provider, you can share data through the Marketplace via the Neutral Server feature by creating listings with the information you want to share with Marketplace consumers.

As a Marketplace consumer, you can subscribe and access Neutral Server-based listings by requesting consent from the data subject (vehicle driver).

Subscriptions are handled in the Marketplace environment, while the Consent Management feature facilitates granting consents for data usage.

Share Data via Neutral Server

HERE Neutral Server functions as a single point of data access from the vehicle manufacturer, which they can use to enhance the driving experience for the customers. It is a scalable and secure solution with risk mitigation through the Consent Management component. The Neutral Server handles data and operates in line with defined technical, data protection, and competition rules, which ensure the security of the data and user's privacy.

For Marketplace providers, an extension of HERE Marketplace with Neutral Server capabilities offers an additional channel of vehicle sensor data distribution to third parties. The Neutral Server system is designed to handle data requests on behalf of Marketplace providers. Marketplace supports communication between parties in compliance with the ISO 20078 standard. Therefore, to start sharing information and data, Marketplace provider must be onboarded into the Neutral Server system.

When a Marketplace consumer subscribes to Neutral Server listings, they enter into agreements with the Marketplace as a contractual partner. This way, the Marketplace consumer can access original vehicle sensor data via Neutral Server directly from the onboarded Marketplace provider.

With the integration of the Consent Management component, data privacy regulations are at the core of HERE Neutral Server. The Consent Management feature ensures that data subject's (vehicle driver) privacy is protected by enabling data subjects to grant and revoke consent to access and share their data.

Such regulation process secures transparent data sharing from the data subject via the Marketplace provider to the Marketplace consumer, and enables automotive companies to unlock the value of PII data in compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

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