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As a Marketplace consumer, you can subscribe to a Neutral Server listing by reviewing the Pricing and plans details and proceeding with the subscription. However, there are Neutral Server listings that contain personally identifiable data, so they require consent from the vehicle owner (data subject) before you can receive or use the data.

Neutral Server Subscription
Figure 1. Neutral Server Subscription

After subscribing to a Neutral Server listing with personally identifiable data, you need to create a consent request as described below.

  1. Select one of your subscriptions to review the details, then click Create consent request.
  2. Fill in the Create a consent request form, including:
    • TITLE - give your consent request a title to introduce it to the data subject;
    • DESCRIPTION AND USAGE - provide the purpose of your request and summarize the use of data. The description states the benefits that the data subject receives by giving their consent;
    • LINK TO PRIVACY POLICY - provide a URL to your privacy policy for the data subject to read. Optionally, add links to additional information.
  3. Upload VINs when you create or edit a consent request.


    Personalized vehicle data is identified with a specific vehicle identification number (VIN). VIN is a unique code that includes a serial number and is used to identify vehicles. With access to personalized vehicle data, third-party services and applications can tailor their offerings for each vehicle owner.

    The list of VINs can be added as a single CSV or JSON file of size up to 2 MB. A correct VIN consists of seventeen symbols and must not include characters I, O, Q. If you use a CSV file, put each VIN in a separate cell, and for a JSON file, separate each VIN with a coma as given in the examples below.

    A list of VINs in CSV file format
    Figure 2. A list of VINs in CSV file format
    A list of VINs in JSON file format
    Figure 3. A list of VINs in JSON file format

    In case a file contains invalid VINs, the Consent Management service stops updating the consent request and returns an error response with a list of invalid VINs. If an error occurs, reupload the file with the correct VINs.

        "title": "Consent request update error",
        "status": 400,
        "code": "E503131",
        "cause": "Following VINs format is invalid: [JH1TB2H25CC000003invalid, JH1TB2H25CC000000invalid]",
        "action": "Provide correct data",
        "correlationId": 4199533b-6290-41db-8d79-edf4f4019a89
  4. Click Save to create a consent request.

  5. Share the link to the consent request with your data subject.


    This point is only valid if you are responsible for informing the data subject about a pending consent request, for example, if it's a subscription to the Daimler Container. If it's a BMW Container subscription, the data subject is notified by BMW, and the consent is granted through the BMW driver portal.

  6. Your data becomes available when the data subject provides consent by accepting your request.

    You can also check the status of your consent request by referring to the API. For more details on how to check your request status, see Check Consent Request Status.

    Consent Request
    Figure 4. Create Consent Request
    Consent Request Form
    Figure 5. Consent Request Form
    Consent Request Link
    Figure 6. Consent Request Link
    New Consent Request
    Figure 7. Example of new Consent Request received by Data Subject

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