Create and Manage Listings

A listing is a marketing object that exists on HERE Marketplace for advertisement and promotional use. You can create a listing with your production-ready data or resources, or sample it to test market demand.


If you create a sample listing, include the text "Sample" in the title. The title helps Marketplace Consumers find your sample listing. For more recommendations, see Best Practices on Listing Creation.

There are three types of listings available on HERE Marketplace:

  • Private - These listings are advertisements sent to specific customers through an email invitation. Information contained in the listing is visible to invited customers, who can review the offer and determine if they want to proceed with the subscription process.
  • Semi-private - These listings are advertisements that can be viewed by all authenticated Marketplace Consumers. When creating a semi-private listing, the Marketplace Provider can hide specific listing information. If a Marketplace Consumer wants to see the full details of the listing, they can click the Request more information button. If the Marketplace Provider approves the request, the Marketplace Consumer can see the full contents of the listing.
  • Public - These listings are advertisements that can be viewed by authenticated Marketplace Consumers. Unlike semi-private listings, the Marketplace Provider does not hide any portion of the listing when creating a public listing. Marketplace Consumers can explore the full details of the listing and decide if they want to move forward with the subscription without the need to request more information.


If a Marketplace Consumer is interested in more information about a semi-private listing, they can request more information. If a Marketplace Consumer wants to enter contract negotiations, they must make a subsequent request to get access to the data.

Find more information on how to create and manage listings and subscription options below:

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