Why Use Matrix Routing

The Matrix Routing service fulfills a single purpose: it calculates routing matrices (of travel times and/or distances). It supports matrices of any size up to 10,000 x 10,000.

This service is for you if you need to calculate a routing matrix

  • with custom options and dynamic traffic applied, given the origins and destinations are within a certain region with diameter up to 400 km, or
  • with routes of arbitrary length given a predefined set of options that can be used with free-flow speed traffic applied, or
  • with custom options, dynamic traffic and no region size limitation, for up to 15 origins and 100 destinations, or up to 100 origins and 1 destination

For more detailed descriptions see Modes.

It is difficult to enumerate all the use cases for such routing matrices due to the generality of their applications. However, there are two prominent examples.

One example is finding the nearest destination for a single origin, such as a taxi driver, or delivery truck. In this case, a 1:N matrix is calculated, and the smallest entry corresponds to the nearest destination (nearest in time or distance).

Another example is a set of problems often referred to as the traveling salesperson problem or TSP for short. The required input for solvers of any instance of TSP is a routing matrix.

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