One way to have the Matrix Routing service support the calculation of routing matrices with routes of arbitrary length is by choosing a profile. A profile is a set of predefined options. Using profiles comes with two limitations:

  1. The set of options is not customizable.
  2. Only non-time aware routing is supported. In particular, dynamic traffic information is not taken into account and only free-flow speeds based on historical traffic are applied.

The service supports a set of predefined profiles, which is available under the endpoint /v8/profiles. This endpoint returns the list of profiles with their corresponding profileId and predefined options.

For a different way to support the calculation of routing matrices with routes of arbitrary length, see Modes.


To calculate a matrix using a profile, specify a profile id from the above list as profile parameter and set the required region definition parameter to the special variant world.

Specifying a profile means overwriting all default values of the request options by values from the profile definition. No other request options must be specified. The response option matrixAttributes can be still used to configure what should be included in the response.


    "origins": [
        { "lat": 52.54, "lng": 13.40 },  // Berlin
        { "lat": 50.43, "lng": 30.52 },  // Kyiv
        { "lat": 51.50, "lng": -0.08 },  // London
        { "lat": 40.40, "lng": -3.68 },  // Madrid
        { "lat": 55.75, "lng": 37.60 },  // Moscow
        { "lat": 48.87, "lng":  2.33 },  // Paris
        { "lat": 41.90, "lng": 12.48 }   // Rome
    "profile": "carFast",   // one of the profile IDs from the list /v8/profiles
    "regionDefinition": {
        "type": "world"     // required
    "matrixAttributes": ["travelTimes", "distances"]


When a profile is used, the calculation of the matrix only considers free-flow speed based on the historical traffic. Therefore the departureTime parameter is always set to the special value any for all profiles. This can be explicitly seen in the list of profiles under the endpoint /v8/profiles.

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