Region mode

Summary of capabilities and limitations for this mode:
+ Custom options
+ Time Awareness (including Live Traffic), using a snapshot of time at departure
+ Matrix Sizes up to 10,000 x 10,000
- Region limited to max. 400km diameter

Given a list of origins and a list of destinations, the service computes the shortest travel times or distances between every pair of origin and destination. These results make up the entries of the routing matrix.

This section refers to calculating matrices with custom options using a limited sized region. If you want to avoid the region size limitation, see the documentation on Flexible mode.

By restricting the calculation to a specific region of at most 400 km diameter, it is possible to specify different options to take into account during calculation. The service applies live and historical traffic information unless explicitly disabled by setting departureTime to the special value any.

For a tutorial on how to formulate a request, see Calculate in Region mode.

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