Truck Parameters

When calculating a matrix in truck mode, different speed assumptions are used than in car mode. Truck mode can also take into account additional restrictions like physical dimensions or allowed cargo type. For example, if a truck carries hazardous materials, it may be restricted to certain roads, impacting the final routing matrix result.

Truck Options

Truck limitations are defined using the truck field in the matrix request.

The shippedHazardousGoods option sets a list of hazardous materials shipped by the trucks, such as explosives, gas and materials harmful to water. For the full list of options, see the API Reference.

Other options describe the physical attributes of the truck: weight limit, weight per axle, height, width and length. The tunnel category option restricts the routes to pass only through tunnels of a less strict category.


The following matrix routing request is for a truck carrying goods that are explosive and harmful to water. The truck has a weight limit of 20,000 kg.

    "routingMode": "fast",
    "transportMode": "truck",
    "origins": [
        {"lat": 52.52103, "lng": 13.41268},
        {"lat": 52.51628, "lng": 13.37771},
        {"lat": 52.47342, "lng": 13.40357}
    "regionDefinition": {
        "type": "boundingBox",
        "north": 52.53,
        "south": 52.46,
        "west": 13.35,
        "east": 13.42
    "truck": {
        "shippedHazardousGoods": ["harmfulToWater", "explosive"],
        "grossWeight": 20000

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