Truck parameters

For a detailed description of the Truck Routing mode and the parameters that can be used to influence route calculations, see the Truck Routing section of the HERE Routing API Developer Guide.


truck parameters are deprecated. Use vehicle parameters instead. Do not use truck parameters and vehicle parameters in the same request.


The following matrix routing request is for a truck carrying goods that are explosive and harmful to water. The truck's total weight is 20,000 kg.

    "routingMode": "fast",
    "transportMode": "truck",
    "origins": [
        {"lat": 52.52103, "lng": 13.41268},
        {"lat": 52.51628, "lng": 13.37771},
        {"lat": 52.47342, "lng": 13.40357}
    "regionDefinition": {
        "type": "boundingBox",
        "north": 52.53,
        "south": 52.46,
        "west": 13.35,
        "east": 13.42
    "vehicle": {
        "shippedHazardousGoods": ["harmfulToWater", "explosive"],
        "grossWeight": 20000

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