Truck parameters

Please refer to the Truck Routing section of the HERE Routing API Developer Guide for a detailed description of the Truck Routing mode and the parameters that can be used to influence route calculations.


The following matrix routing request is for a truck carrying goods that are explosive and harmful to water. The truck has a weight limit of 20,000 kg.

    "routingMode": "fast",
    "transportMode": "truck",
    "origins": [
        {"lat": 52.52103, "lng": 13.41268},
        {"lat": 52.51628, "lng": 13.37771},
        {"lat": 52.47342, "lng": 13.40357}
    "regionDefinition": {
        "type": "boundingBox",
        "north": 52.53,
        "south": 52.46,
        "west": 13.35,
        "east": 13.42
    "truck": {
        "shippedHazardousGoods": ["harmfulToWater", "explosive"],
        "grossWeight": 20000

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