Copy a Grafana Dashbaord from one Region to another

Grafana lets you easily export and import dashboards.

Exporting a dashboard from your source Region

From the Home page of the Region where your dashboard is located, open the dashboard you want to copy and click the Share Dashboard icon at the top right corner.

Grafana menu to share a dashboard
Figure 1. Grafana menu to share a dashboard

In the Share pop-up window, select Export tab. Click the 'View JSON' button, then click on 'Copy to Clipboard'.

Importing a dashboard to your target Region

To import a dashboard, click the + icon in the side menu, and then click Import.

Grafana menu to import a dashboard
Figure 2. Grafana menu to import a dashboard

Paste the copied JSON from the first step and click 'Load'. In step 2, click 'Import'.

The new copied dashboard will appear in the appropriate list of available dashboards.

Grafana documentation

For more details, see the official Grafana export and import documentation.

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