Mobility On-Demand Technical Solution Paper


Mobility on-demand apps using HERE services are generally composed of the following items:
  • customer mobile apps created with the HERE SDK for Android and/or the HERE SDK for iOS (either the Starter or the Premium version of each)
  • navigation provided via HERE WeGo for Android and/or iOS
  • backend services interacting with your customer app, your driver app and other HERE services
  • a special app operating on Android and/or iOS for drivers, based on the same HERE SDK for Android and/or the HERE SDK for iOS
The image below illustrates a high-level generalized overview of the typical apps flow. Please note that this example shows the navigation handover to the HERE WeGo app as final step, so that the driver can use proven offline navigation to pick up and drop off passengers, i.e. your own app (On Demand Driver App) will open the HERE WeGo app.
Figure 1. High Level Overview of Typical Components High Level Overview of Typical Components
Note: The sample code in this Technical Solution Paper only illustrates how you can use the various HERE services; it does not illustrate how to implement your business logic. In addition, the sample code uses a test environment to demonstrate the features. You need to switch to a production environment before deployment.