Mobility On-Demand Technical Solution Paper

Navigating to Pickup and Dropoff Locations

After you have assigned a ride to a driver, the driver needs to be able to find their way to the pickup and dropoff locations, and the passenger might need help finding their way to the pickup location. To allow each party to get to the correct destination, you can launch the HERE WeGo application for Android and iOS from within your driver and passenger apps.

The typical workflow for calculating a route using the HERE WeGo app is as follows:
  • In your passenger or driver app, construct the appropriate link.
  • The Android or iOS system launches the HERE WeGo app, which then calculates the route based on the provided parameters in the link.
The figure below illustrates the elements in the workflow related to the HERE services.
To open the HERE WeGo application on Android:
  • Construct an Intent with the following properties:
    • action
    • category CATEGORY_DEFAULT
    • data URI here.directions://v1.0/mylocation/37.870090,-122.268150,Downtown%20Berkeley?ref=<Referrer>&m=w
To open the HERE WeGo application on iOS:
  • Open a URL with a custom here-route URL Scheme:
    • //mylocation/latitude,longitude with WGS 84 compliant latitude and longitude geocoordinates of the destination

      Alternatively, you can replace the geocoordinate pair with a Place ID (as returned by a Places API query) to get directions to a specific POI instead of a latitude/longitude pair

    • ,URLencoded string as the name of the destination
    • ?ref=<Referrer>referrer (and can be something like your app or company name)
    • &m=w to indicates the routing mode (m=w stands for walk, m=d for drive)
    For instance, here-route://mylocation/37.870090,-122.268150,Downtown%20Berkeley?ref=<Referrer>&m=w requests a route by foot to a destination in downtown Berkeley by a company called Referrer.