Mobility On-Demand Technical Solution Paper

Ride-hailing Services

The sample code in the sections below for a ride sharing service assumes that the ride-sharing product does the following things:
  • filters locations by administrative area in a backend as one method for determining which drivers are most suitable for which rides
  • allows passengers to use an app in either Android or iOS devices to input pickup and dropoff points, to request rides, and to navigate in venues
  • allows drivers to use an app to report their location to the system and to volunteer to give rides
  • uses HERE WeGo for Android and/or iOS for determining directions on the passengers' mobile devices
  • selects appropriate drivers, calculates routes and calculates possible additional costs in a backend

    Note that there is sample code for several ways of selecting appropriate drivers, depending on the level of filtering you prefer. For more information, see The Passenger App and Additional Filtering of Drivers.

  • handles post dropoff processing in a backend