What is HERE Navigation on Demand?

HERE Navigation on Demand (HNOD) is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) navigation solution which provides fresh, updatable and upgradable navigation content and services on demand, delivered as experiences for drivers and OEMs. HNOD provides a cloud platform, a client software and several APIs - jointly referred to as the HNOD Platform. These elements work in symbiosis, enabling the OEM to tailor, control and upgrade the navigation experiences offered in different vehicle lines. HNOD deeply integrates with the HERE Open Location Platform (OLP) for its content and services. However, its Service Package SDK also enables developers from OEMs, Tier-1s or independent 3rd parties to extend the navigation experience with custom content, functionality or services, which will seamlessly integrate with the navigation experience provided by HERE.

HNOD’s microservice-based architecture and ability to operate software components distributed between the client and the cloud substantially improve scalability as well as update- and upgradeability of navigation experiences in the field and facilitate its deployment on embedded and mobile platforms.

HNOD strongly appeals to OEMs aiming for fully connected, OTA-upgradable IVI solutions and who prefer to source an off-the-shelf solution over the development of a custom-built application on the basis of individually sourced assets.

HERE Navigation on Demand (HNoD) has been designed to address the challenge of reusable application features. It is a framework for developing extensible, client-side applications, deployed across multi- and cross-platforms. The framework leverages Chromium to run platform-independent code, using polyfills and a client-side API to abstract low-level resources.

HNoD is based on React and embraces a Redux-style programming paradigm,by offering a single storage for application state that drive the behavior of the app. This storage is persisted locally and can be synced peer-to-peer, for cross-device functionality. The framework is mostly written in Typescript and leverages the Protobuf 3 IDL for API and object definitions.

Key Highlights

  • End-2-end automotive-grade navigation application from map content to user interface (UX)
  • Support of automotive embedded and mobile platforms, including mirrored setups
  • Connected solution remaining fully functional in times of a disconnect through “smart caching”
  • Numerous Connected Services included as ready-to-use functionality from the start
  • New licensing model centered around functionality instead of assets, enabling adopters to license functionality step-by-step
  • Update- and upgradability of the deployed navigation software stack at any time OTA across map content, software, UX and APIs to cloud services
  • Modern UX and map design allowing for full re-styling, supporting a voice-first approach and offered with a pre-integration option for Amazon Alexa
  • OEMs and partners can easily develop and seamlessly integrate proprietary functionality and services on the basis of HNOD’s Service Package SDK and its common framework
  • Backend experience for OEMs – called the HNOD Portal – enabling virtual configuration and control the navigation experiences delivered to different vehicle lines and trim levels

What is the HNOD Service Package SDK?

The HNOD Service Package SDK is a set of development tools enabling developers from Automotive OEMs, Tier-1 system vendors as well as independent software developers (ISVs) to create their own Service Packages for HNOD. It allows developers to extend the end-user experience delivered through the HNOD Navigation Platform beyond the functional scope of the HNOD Mainline Services provided by HERE.

Why use the HERE Navigation on Demand Service Package SDK?

The HNOD Service Package SDK enables developers from Automotive OEMs and collaborating Tier-1s to create customized and differentiated end-user experiences supporting the positioning of the OEM brand on the basis of a standardized navigation solution for both embedded and mobile platforms. It also facilitates the porting of services from independent software developers to the HNOD platform, enabling them to seize HNOD as an efficient channel into the market.

The HNOD Service Package SDK offers the following high-level features and benefits to developers:

Feature Description
Easily accessible The HNOD Service Package SDK can be downloaded from the HERE Navigation On Demand Portal for redistribution to diverse development teams within the OEM or Tier-1 organisation, sparing adopters paperwork or lengthy licensing processes.
Development in Typescript The HNOD Service Package SDK supports Microsoft's open source programming language Typescript, making development as easy as currently possible.
Comprehensive documentation Online documentation simplifies adoption of the HNOD Service Package SDK. It helps developers understand, how the HNOD Navigation Platform and its Service Package SDK work, how a first "Hello world" service can be build and deployed and provides an overview on the available APIs.
Complete development environment The HNOD Service Package SDK comes with a Console facilitating local development of HNOD Services in TypeScript on a PC or Mac. A corresponding Bundler simplifies the delivery of executable Java script bundles from the Console.
Simplified pre-testing A Runner application allows to execute bundled HNOD Services in a confined environment for performance assessment and fine-tuning before publishing them on the HNOD Platform.

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