Set Up Credentials

In order to test a locally built example Service Package (zip archive), the SDK provides the hnod-runner tool which runs HNoD in a web browser. In order to get access to map data, search and routing the runner tool needs credentials. Two sets of credentials have to be added (HLS and OLP). These should have been provided to you together with the SDK.

There are two ways to configure this. The first way is to set environment variable prior to calling hnod-runner:

export HNOD_APP_ID="<app_id>"
export HNOD_APP_CODE="<app_code>"
export HNOD_ACCESS_KEY_ID_OLP="<access_key>"
export HNOD_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET_OLP="<access_key_secret>"

Alternatively the credentials can be edited in the runner's configuration file (usually hnod.runner.json). The configuration file is also used to configure the port (for starting a local webserver) as well as the paths to the service package artifacts to load.

  "port": 8081,
  "credentials": {
    "appId": "<app_id>",
    "appCode": "<app_code>",
    "accessKeyId": "<access_key>",
    "accessKeySecret": "<access_key_secret>"
  "packages": ["./output/"]

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