Off-Street Parking API Developer's Guide


The structure ParkingFacilityDetailType contains additional information about the parking facility.

Table 1. ParkingFacilityDetailType elements
Element Data Type Mandatory Description
openingHours OpeningHoursType No List of opening hours

If a facility is open 24 hours a day the from value in the hierarchy has a value of 00:00:00 and the to value in the hierarchy is 24:00:00 .

If a facility is not open on a specific day, then the day is not listed in the results.

driveMaxHeight Double No Maximum height of the entrance in meters
driveMaxWidth Double No Maximum width of the entrance in meters
facilityLevels Integer No Number of levels
facilityOperator String No Name of the operator
facilityType NameIdType No Information about the type of the parking facility.

The current supported values are:

  • 1Parking Facility
  • 2Parking Lot
  • 3Park & Ride
  • 4Other
facilityInfrastructures NameListType No Additional information about the facility infrastructure.

The current values include:

  • elevators
  • escalators
  • handicappedaccessible
  • handicappedparkingspaces
  • womenparkingspaces, usually near exits to increase the safety of women, to facilitate the act of parking, or to facilitate walking to shopping or employment destinations.
  • sanitationfacilities
  • restroomavailable
  • secureparking, indicates a gated and CCTV facility
  • securitymanned
  • electricalchargingpoints
  • light
  • motorcycleparkingspaces
  • familyfriendly
  • carwash
facilityAdministration NameListType No Details about the facility administration.

The current supported values include:

  • Parking Disc
  • Parking Ticket
  • Gate
  • Monitored
  • None
facilityRestrictions NameListType No List of restrictions that apply to the usage of the parking facility.

The current supported values include:

  • permitonly
  • residentsonly
  • customersonly
  • valetonly
  • motorcyclesonly
  • handicappedonly
paymentMethods NameIdType No List of supported payment methods in the ID - name pairs.


  • ID: CASH
  • Name: Cash - ABC XYZ where 'ABC' and 'XYZ' are accepted currencies separated by spaces e.g. CASH - USD EUR


  • Name: Check - ABC XYZ where 'ABC' and 'XYZ' are accepted check types separated by spaces e.g. CHECK - TRAVELERS PERSONAL

Credit cards - ID and name contain the credit card issuer, here's the list of providers in use:

  • AMEX
  • VISA

Debit card - if present indicating the debit cards are accepted:

  • Name: Debit card

e-Payment - ID and name contain the e-Payment provider:



  • Name: Other - ABC XYZ where 'ABC' and 'XYZ' are accepted 'other' payment methods separated by spaces