Off-Street Parking API Developer's Guide


The ParkingFacilityType structure contains information about an individual parking facility.

Table 1. ParkingFacilityType attributes
Attribute Data Type Mandatory Description
id String Yes Unique parking facility identifier.
pvId String No PVID identifier.
lastUpdateTimestamp DateTime No Timestamp of the last update of information about this POI by the content supplier. Represents a datetime in ISO 8601 format. If time is UTC, 'Z' is added directly after the time without a space (e.g. 2014-01-14T10:00Z). Otherwise, time offsets from UTC is added after time in format ±[hh][mm] (e.g. 2014-01-14T10:00:00+0100)
timeZone String No Time zone of the POI. Represents the standard denominator of the time zone, such as Europe/Berlin.
Table 2. ParkingFacilityType elements
Element Data Type Mandatory Description
name String No Name of the parking facility
brand String No Brand name for the parking facility
supplier NameIdType No Parking facility id provided by the supplier. For example, the name could be FacilityBrand and id could be 1.
address AddressType No Address details for the parking facility
contacts ContactType No Contacts for the parking facility
imageURL String No URL to an image of the parking facility
position PositionType Yes WGS84 format co-ordinates for the parking facility
distance Integer No Air distance from specified location (in meters)
Note: Only available for if the prox parameter is used in the query.
open24x7 Boolean No Boolean indicating if the facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week

If true, the facility is open all day, every day of the week.

notes String No Additional notes about the parking facility
parkingPrice ParkingPriceType No The parking fee calculated for a given duration and arrival time, according to this facility pricing, index score and delta price for this facility.
This element has the following attribute:
  • currency - Three-character ISO 4217 currency code of the currency this price is in.
Note: Suppressed if:
  • duration and arrival parameters are missing,
  • or arrival time is outside facility opening hours.
facilityDetails ParkingFacilityDetailType No Additional information about the parking facility
facilityAvailability ParkingFacilityAvailabilityType No Dynamic data on the parking facility availability and pricing details