The HERE On-Street Parking API is a RESTful API that allows you to find a parking spot on the street, also known as unattended curb-side parking. This real-time service allows you to create applications that inform drivers about where they are more likely to find parking and that provide information on applicable parking restrictions and prices.

The On-Street Parking API allows you to request the following:

  • real-time information on the availability of on-street parking including number of available free spots, availability level, occupancy level and probability of finding an available space
  • real-time information on parking trends, with the response indicating whether parking is filling-up, stable, or emptying
  • information on prices/tariffs for paid parking zones
  • information on parking restrictions, including the following:
    • whether a road segment has no parking, free parking, paid/metered parking or permit parking
    • on-street parking capacity and configuration of parking spaces
    • the side of the street: driving-side or non-driving side
    • parking restrictions including maximum parking time, permit required, parking restriction operation time and vehicle type restriction applies to

For more information on how to quickly set up and start using the On-Street Parking API, see Get Started.

For the terms and conditions covering this documentation, see the HERE Documentation License.

Data privacy is of fundamental importance to HERE and our customers. We practice data minimization and don’t collect data we don’t need. And we promote pseudonymity for data subjects wherever a service does not require personal information to function. We employ privacy by design in services we develop. We strive to go beyond mere regulatory compliance and make privacy an integral part of our corporate culture. We believe that our approach to privacy is vital to earning and retaining the trust of our customers – and the bedrock of our future success as a data-driven location platform.

For more information on how data privacy is of fundamental importance to HERE and our customers, see the HERE Privacy Charter.

For more information on HERE data security and durability best practices, see the Data API.

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