This topic documents the tpegOpenLR response data type supported by the On-Street Parking API resources.

TPEG OpenLR is the default format for providing geometric information of parking segments. Therefore, this format is included in the response by default. Nonetheless, in order to combine it with alternative formats, it may be necessary to explicitly select it via the geometryType query parameter.

tpegOpenLR defines the following attributes:

Element Description
binary Always included
ISO-21219 OpenLR (String)
A segment location reference, based on the ISO/TS 21219-22:2017 (TPEG2-OLR) specification (a Base64 encoded binary). This allows applications to match the parking segment information to the specific map version used on an application.
sideOfRoad Always included
Side of Road Type (String)
The side of road value can be either (based on the ISO/TS 21219-22:2017 (TPEG2-OLR) specification):
  • LEFT
  • BOTH

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