pipeline profile

The OLP CLI supports the following:

  • list all available pipeline resource profiles

Resource profile is a predefined ratio of hardware assets (amount of CPU, memory (GB) and disc space (GB)) allocated per resource unit that you can use for executing a pipeline.

pipeline profile list

Lists all available pipeline resource profiles.

olp pipeline profile list [command option]

Optional parameters:

  • [filter] Freeform text used to filter the profile list. The filter checks if the profile ID or name contains the filter string.
  • --credentials <path to credentials file> The name of a credentials file to use with the command. Credentials files are downloaded separately from the platform portal.
  • --profile <profile name> The name of the credentials profile to use from the olpcli.ini file.
  • --json Displays the list of pipeline profiles in JSON format.
  • --quiet Displays the profile IDs, each on a new line.
  • --scope <project HRN> Specifies the project HRN to use as the scope in the request. The value specified with --scope overrides any value for here.token.scope provided in the credentials file used for the command.

For more information on using credentials and profiles, see Credentials setup.


The following command lists all the resource profiles.

olp pipeline profile list


ID            name                      CPU          memory        disc
HC1B          CPU Intensive             1.0          4.0           32.0
HC1S          CPU Intensive             1.0          4.0           8.0
HM1B          Memory Intensive          1.0          10.0          32.0
HM1S          Memory Intensive          1.0          10.0          8.0
HS1B          Default                   1.0          7.0           32.0
HS1S          Default                   1.0          7.0           8.0

Use olp pipeline environment list to get supported resource profiles on a particular environment

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