The OLP CLI supports the following:

  • configure the OLP CLI to work through a proxy server.

proxy setup

Adds your proxy settings to the .here\olpcli.ini file.

olp proxy setup <hostname:port> [command options]

Required parameters:

  • <hostname:port> A web address for your proxy server.

Optional parameters:

  • --username <user name> The user name for the proxy credentials.
  • --password <user password> The password for the proxy credentials.


The command below sets the proxy host and proxy port for all profiles in the .here\olpcli.ini file:

olp proxy setup

If you want to ask users to specify their proxy credentials password in the console, run the following command:

olp proxy setup --username user --password


The following information is added to the .here/olpcli.ini file:

[proxy] =
proxy.port = 8000
proxy.credentials.username = user
proxy.credentials.password = password

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