resource action

The OLP CLI supports the following functionality for resource action:

  • list the actions for the resource type based on action type filter.

resource action list

olp resource action list <type> <filter> [command options]

Required parameters:

  • <type> The type of a resource to list actions for. Acceptable values: catalog, pipeline,pipeline-template,schema,artifact,flow,flow-pattern,service.
  • <filter> Filters out the actions based on the ability of the action. Acceptable values are: available-to-link,project-enabled.
    • available-to-link Actions supported for the resource type that can be made available to link to projects in the organization.
    • project-enabled Actions allowed for the resource type for resources in a project.

Optional parameters:

  • --credentials <path to credentials file> The name of a credentials file to use with the command. Credentials files are downloaded separately from the HERE platform portal.
  • --profile <profile name> The name of the credentials profile to use from the olpcli.ini file.
  • --json Displays the command result in JSON format.
  • --quiet Reduces the output to essential values only, in this case it's an empty string.
  • --scope <project HRN> Specifies the project HRN to use as the scope in the request. The value specified with --scope overrides any value for here.token.scope provided in the credentials file used for the command. Note that this command can be used with or without scoped token.

For more information on using credentials and profiles, see Credentials setup.


The command below lists the actions that can be made available for linking a catalog to a project or all projects in the organization. The output is in json format.

olp resource action list catalog available-to-link --json


  "allowedActions": [

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