Political views

A political view represents internal country regulations related to the view of the geopolitical world map. It enables several map views for political disputed areas that should be shown as belonging to either one country or another. The political view setting is triggered based on the country where the application is launched and can be shared by several countries.

You can set one political view setting for one DataStoreServer instance to configure how tile data is decoded.

To set the political view:

  • Create a DataStoreServer instance with the needed political_view_iso_id parameter in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 format.

    Note: If you do not initialize a specific political view, the international view is used.

      #include <olp/clientmap/datastore/DataStoreServer.h>
      olp::clientmap::datastore::DataStoreServerSettings server_settings;
      server_settings.political_view_iso_id = "DEU";
      auto server = std::make_shared< olp::clientmap::datastore::DataStoreServer >(
      server_settings );

    For more information on DataStoreServer, see the related instruction.

Tile data requested using this DataStoreServer instance wil be decoded based on the specified political view. One DataStoreServer instance can have only one political view setting. To change it, destroy the current DataStoreServer instance and create a new one with a different political view setting. If the political view value changes from the previous application run, the entire protected cache is cleared.

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