HERE Optimized Map for Analytics (OMA) Data Specification
Optimized Map for Analytics Data Specification


Message Summary

message CurvatureHeadingPartition

Attribution layer for Curvature heading attribution content.

Include: schema_adas_curvature_heading.proto


Field Type Label Description
curvature​_​heading Curvature​Heading​Attribute repeated

Curvature is an approximation of the road geometry by means of circles at road geometry points (Nodes or Shape Points). Curvature values are only published with respect to one travel direction. The curvature in reverse direction can be calculated by multiplication with -1. Curvature is stored as numeric value representing the curvature in metres -1 x 106). (1/Radius-of-Curvature x 106) Heading is the direction toward which a road is oriented. It is the angle in Decimal Degrees x 103, between North and the road direction.