HERE Optimized Map for Analytics (OMA) Data Specification
Optimized Map for Analytics Data Specification


Message Summary

message RoadUsageAttribute

Single segment attribute. Possible attribute orientation(s): Both. Road usage characteristics.

Include: schema_navigation_road_usage.proto


Field Type Label Description
carpool​_​road bool  

Identifies a road where at some point all lanes serve as carpool lanes, where HOV vehicles only are allowed to travel. It can be used to avoid routing on carpool segments and to provide explicit instructions. Carpool Road is published when all lanes are used as carpool (HOV) and can be closed to all traffic at specific times or can be open to non-HOV vehicles at specific times.

controlled​_​access bool  

Controlled access roads are roads with limited entrances and exits that allow uninterrupted high-speed traffic flow. For example, the Interstate/Freeway network in the United States or the Motorway network in Europe. Controlled Access can be used for map display, avoidance of freeway/motorway, publishing speed limits, and route guidance timing.

express​_​lane bool  

An Express Lane is a lane or set of lanes usually physically separated from the major roadway with limited entry and exit points to quickly move traffic in and out of a major metropolitan city. An Express Lane can be reversible, bidirectional, or one-way and can be used to prioritise ongoing traffic to take the express lane.

limited​_​access bool  

Indicates separately digitised, high speed roads where traffic is controlled via ramps. Limited Access Road can be used for map display, freeway/motorway avoidance, and route guidance timing. In EMEA, Limited Access Road are complementary to Controlled Access road. In the rest of the world, Limited Access Road is the same as Controlled Access road.

priority​_​road bool  

Indicates road stretches that have signs indicating priority on the road. On these roads all traffic has priority over the traffic on the incoming roads. Priority Road can be used for route planning to achieve lower fuel consumption

ramp bool  

Range is a ramp: connects roads that do not intersect at grade. Ramp allows explication of manoeuvres involving ramps (e.g., “Take the ramp”) and for route guidance when determining if sign text should be used.

reversible bool  

A reversible lane is a road which can be physically separated from the motorway that changes direction for a specific time frame. For example, all lanes are northbound in the morning then reversed to be southbound in the evening. Reversible is published if all lanes on the road are reversible, which means roads where all lanes are accessible in both directions at specific times of the day.

tollway bool  

Identifies a road for which a fee must be paid to use the road.Tollway may be used for map display (e.g., different rendering of toll roads) and routing. Tollway is flagged on roads that require a fee for traversal.

diminished​_​priority bool  

Indication that Pedestrians and Bikes have priority on a road that vehicles may also use at a reduced speed.

public​_​access bool  

Indicates if the segment is accessible to general public.

segment​_​identifier string  

An identifier for the referenced segment in the format of domain:system:type:id, for example, "here:cm:segment:532172642". This property is unique in a catalog.

segment​_​start​_​offset double  

Values range from [0.0 - 1.0]. Relative to the segment's orientation - not necessarily the overall chain orientation.

segment​_​end​_​offset double  

Values range from [0.0 - 1.0]. Relative to the segment's orientation - not necessarily the overall chain orientation.

segment​_​inverted bool  

The referenced segment is inverted in relation to the chain.

attribute​_​orientation string  

The attribute's orientation relative to the chain's first-to-last orientation.

partition​_​name string  

Quadkey (HERE tiling) for the current partition.