Intermodal Routing API v1 Developer's Guide

Error Codes

Intermodal Routing API v1 supports the following standard HTTP status error codes

If the HTTP Status Code is 200, the response body can contain the following error messages (see Message):

Error code Description
I4 Incorrect apiKey in the request. If you are using app_code/app_id validation, then an incorrect app_code or app_id is in the request. For more information, see Acquiring Credentials.
SS0007 No results found
GW100 Wrong parameter type or parameter missing
GW0001 Routing was not possible
The following subcodes are available:
  • NO_COV: There is no transit coverage in the area
  • NO_STN_NEARBY: Nearby to the given address stations could not be found
  • DEP_ARR_TOO_CLOSE: Departure/Arrival are too near
GW0002 Backend failed to provide a response
GW0006 Unexpected error
GW0007 No support for this API in this area
K9360 Invalid Period

Error message response examples:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<Res serviceUrl="">
  <Message code="GW100" level="E">
    Invalid request: 2 is greater than the maximum of 1 in request/details
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<Res serviceUrl="">
  <Message code="GW0001" level="E" subcode="DEP_ARR_TOO_CLOSE">
    K895 - Departure/Arrival are too near.