Intermodal Routing API v1 Developer's Guide


Addr specifies an address using coordinates.

Table 1. Addr Type Attributes
Attribute Always Included Type Description
x Yes Coordinate Longitude coordinate.
y Yes Coordinate Latitude coordinate.
name - String Name of the place, if present.
country - String Name of the country where the coordinates are located.
ccode - String 3 letter ISO 3166-1 country code.
state - String State or region within the country.
city - String Name of the city.
postal - String Postal code.
district - String District (example: 'Manhattan' in New York City).
street - String Name of the street, square, boulevard, etc.
number - String Civic number.
Table 2. Addr Type Elements
Element Always Included Type Description
Transports - Transports List of mobility transports that are available at this address.
Info - Info Generic text content that can be shown to the final user.
At - List of At Specifies a key value pair with further information about the address.