Intermodal Routing API v1 Developer's Guide


Op contains information about a particular operator.

An operator is the entity operating a transport service. For example, BVG operates some transit lines in Berlin.

Table 1. Op Type Attributes
Attribute Always Included Type Description
code - String Unique code of the operator. Match one of the Transport/At[@id='operator'] on the response.
name Yes String Human readable long operator name running the line
type - String Describe the kind of coverage available for this operator.

The following values are possible:

  • RT: real-time routing
  • TT: timetable routing
  • SR: estimated routing.
short_name - String Short operator name when available
fare - Boolean Returns 1 if fare information is supported by the operator, 0 otherwise.

The default is 0.

Table 2. Op Type Elements
Element Always Included Type Description
Link - List of Link Specifies a link to a web resource.
At - List of At At is an attribute within an list of attributes. Each of these individual attributes contains an id and a value. The id specifies the type of information related to the value.