Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

English (UK) Category-like Query Terms

Query Term Category
erotic adult-entertainment
erotic shops adult-shop
erotic adult-shop
erotic shop adult-shop
african cuisine african
african food african
ambulance services ambulance-services
american food american
cuisine of the united states american
american cuisine american
apartment apartment-rental-flat-rental
apartment apartment-rental-flat-rental
public aquarium aquarium
public aquariums aquarium
drink link atm
automated teller machines atm
cash dispensers atm
cash dispenser atm
cashomats atm
automated teller machine atm
cashomat atm
drink links atm
law firms attorney
law offices attorney
austrian food austrian
austrian cuisine austrian
automobile dealerships new car automobile-dealership-new-cars
automobile dealerships new cars automobile-dealership-new-cars
motor cos automobile-dealership-new-cars
motor companies automobile-dealership-new-cars
showrooms automobile-dealership-new-cars
showroom automobile-dealership-new-cars
used cars dealership automobile-dealership-used-cars
dealers used car automobile-dealership-used-cars
used car dealership automobile-dealership-used-cars
dealers used cars automobile-dealership-used-cars
used autos automobile-dealership-used-cars
dealerships used cars automobile-dealership-used-cars
used auto automobile-dealership-used-cars
automobile dealerships used cars automobile-dealership-used-cars
dealerships used car automobile-dealership-used-cars
used automobile automobile-dealership-used-cars
used car dealerships automobile-dealership-used-cars
used cars dealerships automobile-dealership-used-cars
dealership used cars automobile-dealership-used-cars
used automobiles automobile-dealership-used-cars
dealership used car automobile-dealership-used-cars
beer joint bar-pub
bar and pub bar-pub
beer joints bar-pub
bars and pubs bar-pub
belgian cuisine belgian
belgian food belgian
bicycles bicycle
bike bicycle
bikes bicycle
bicycle bicycle
bicycle dealers bicycle-and-bicycle-accessories-shop
bicycle dealer bicycle-and-bicycle-accessories-shop
bike dealer bicycle-and-bicycle-accessories-shop
bike dealers bicycle-and-bicycle-accessories-shop
bicycle repair shop bicycle-service-and-maintenance
bike repair shops bicycle-service-and-maintenance
bicycle repair shops bicycle-service-and-maintenance
bike repair shop bicycle-service-and-maintenance
billiards and pool halls billiards-pool-hall
billiards bars billiards-pool-hall
billiards and pool hall billiards-pool-hall
billiards bar billiards-pool-hall
british cuisine british
bus & coach station bus-terminal
coach stations bus-terminal
bus lines bus-terminal
bus and coach station bus-terminal
bus depot bus-terminal
bus stands bus-terminal
coach station bus-terminal
bus and coach stations bus-terminal
bus stand bus-terminal
canadian cuisine canadian
canadian canadian
canadian restaurant canadian
canadian food canadian
canadian restaurants canadian
automotive parts & accessories car-parts-and-accessories
car parts and accessories car-parts-and-accessories
automotive parts and accessories car-parts-and-accessories
auto parts and accessories car-parts-and-accessories
auto parts & accessories car-parts-and-accessories
car agency car-rental
rent a car agencies car-rental
rent a cars car-rental
car agencies car-rental
car hires car-rental
rental car agency car-rental
rent a car car-rental
rent a car agency car-rental
rental car agencies car-rental
mechanic shop car-repair
mechanics service car-repair
car repair services car-repair
mechanic service car-repair
mechanic services car-repair
mechanics shops car-repair
mechanics services car-repair
mechanics shop car-repair
mechanic shops car-repair
car repair service car-repair
wash centres car-wash-detailing
wash centre car-wash-detailing
car care car-wash-detailing
cargo centre cargo-center
cargo centres cargo-center
lotteries casino
lottery casino
gaming casino
children's clothing childrens-apparel
children's apparel childrens-apparel
children's apparels childrens-apparel
children's museum childrens-museum
children's museums childrens-museum
chines restaurant chinese
chines restaurants chinese
chines chinese
boutiques clothing-accessories-shop
fashion clothing-accessories-shop
clothing and accessories clothing-accessories-shop
fashions clothing-accessories-shop
clothing and accessory clothing-accessories-shop
caffes coffee
espressos coffee
espresso cafes coffee
caffs coffee
expressos coffee
caff coffee
coffees and teas coffee-tea
coffee and tea coffee-tea
commuter trains commuter-rail-station
construction businesses construction
construction company construction
construction companies construction
construction business construction
customer care service centres customer-care-service-center
customer care service centre customer-care-service-center
dental surgeon dentist
dental surgereons dentist
dept stores department-store
dept store department-store
general practitioner doctor
family doctors doctor
general practitioners doctor
gps doctor
gp doctor
dutch dutch
dutch food dutch
dutch restaurant dutch
dutch cuisine dutch
dutch restaurants dutch
eat&drink eat-drink
consulates and embassies embassy-consulate
entertainment electronic entertainment-electronics
convention ctr fair-convention-facility
expo and convention facility fair-convention-facility
fair and convention facility fair-convention-facility
ferry station ferry-terminal
gourmet restaurant fine-dining
fine dining places fine-dining
fine dining restaurant fine-dining
fine dining place fine-dining
fine dining restaurants fine-dining
gourmet restaurants fine-dining
training centre fitness-health-club
training centres fitness-health-club
fitness centres fitness-health-club
fitness centre fitness-health-club
food food
foods food
food and drink food-drink
french restaurants french
french food french
french cuisine french
French french
french restaurant french
fine arts gallery
garden centre garden-center
garden centres garden-center
german food german
german cuisine german
german restaurants german
german restaurant german
german german
night out going-out
go out going-out
nights out going-out
go out at night going-out
going out at night going-out
on the town going-out
groceries shop grocery
groceries shops grocery
groceries store grocery
groceries stores grocery
hair hair-workaround
house and garden hardware-house-garden-shop
hard ware house and garden hardware-house-garden-shop
hardware house and garden hardware-house-garden-shop
hawaiian restaurant hawaiian-polynesian
hawaiian restaurants hawaiian-polynesian
historic monuments historical-monument
historic monument historical-monument
diy store home-improvement-hardware-store
diy shops home-improvement-hardware-store
diy shop home-improvement-hardware-store
diy stores home-improvement-hardware-store
casualty hospital hospital
casualty hospitals hospital
hospital and health care hospital-health-care-facility
hospital and healthcare hospital-health-care-facility
hungarian cuisine hungarian
hungarian food hungarian
indoor sport indoor-sports
industrial estate industrial-area
intl air ports international-airport
intl air port international-airport
int air ports international-airport
intl airports international-airport
int airport international-airport
international airports international-airport
international airport international-airport
international air ports international-airport
intl airport international-airport
int airports international-airport
international air port international-airport
int air port international-airport
japanesr restaurants japanese
japanesr japanese
japanesr cuisine japanese
restaurants japanese japanese
japanesr food japanese
japanesr restaurant japanese
restaurant japanese japanese
daycare centres kindergarten
daycare centre kindergarten
sight landmark-attraction
sights landmark-attraction
leisure and outdoor leisure-outdoor
leisure and outdoors leisure-outdoor
public community library library
public community libraries library
major appliance shop major-appliance
major appliances store major-appliance
major appliance stores major-appliance
major appliance store major-appliance
major appliances shop major-appliance
major appliances shops major-appliance
major appliances stores major-appliance
major appliance shops major-appliance
maltese cuisine maltese
maltese food maltese
men's fashion shops mens-apparel
men's apparel stores mens-apparel
men's clothes shops mens-apparel
men's fashion store mens-apparel
men's fashion mens-apparel
men's clothes stores mens-apparel
men's apparel store mens-apparel
men's apparel shops mens-apparel
men's apparel mens-apparel
men's clothes shop mens-apparel
men's fashion stores mens-apparel
men's apparel shop mens-apparel
men's clothes mens-apparel
men's fashion shop mens-apparel
men's clothes store mens-apparel
modeling agency modeling-agencies
film movie
movie movie
films movie
motion pictures movie
motion picture movie
movies movie
music music-workaround
natural and geographical natural-geographical
discos night-club
disco night-club
recreation centres park-recreation-area
recreation centre park-recreation-area
car park parking-facility
parking facilities parking-facility
car parking parking-facility
parking lots parking-facility
car parks parking-facility
fuel stations petrol-station
petrol pumps petrol-station
gas bars petrol-station
gas bar petrol-station
fueling station petrol-station
petrol pump petrol-station
fuel station petrol-station
fueling stations petrol-station
chemist's shop pharmacy
chemist's shops pharmacy
chemist's pharmacy
dispensary pharmacy
dispensaries pharmacy
pizza shops pizza
pizza shop pizza
polish cuisine polish
polish food polish
portuguese food portuguese
portuguese cuisine portuguese
sport airports public-sports-airport
sports airports public-sports-airport
sports airport public-sports-airport
sport airport public-sports-airport
public transit public-transport
restrants restaurant
reastrant restaurant
restaurent restaurant
restaurents restaurant
resurant restaurant
resurants restaurant
russian cuisine russian
russian food russian
go shopping shopping
sights and museums sights-museums
ski area ski-resort
snack bar snacks-fast-food
snack bars snacks-fast-food
snackbar snacks-fast-food
snackbars snacks-fast-food
spanish cuisine spanish
spanish restaurant spanish
spanish food spanish
spanish spanish
spanish restaurants spanish
specialty clothing shops specialty-clothing-store
specialty clothing shop specialty-clothing-store
specialty clothes specialty-clothing-store
specialty clothing specialty-clothing-store
specialty food shop specialty-food-store
specialty foods specialty-food-store
specialty food shops specialty-food-store
specialty food specialty-food-store
specialty shop specialty-store
specialty shops specialty-store
sporting goods sport-outdoor-shop
sports equipment sport-outdoor-shop
sports and outdoor sport-outdoor-shop
sport activity sports-activities
sport activities sports-activities
sport facility sports-facility-venue
sports facilities and venues sports-facility-venue
sport fields sports-field
sport field sports-field
super market supermarket
super markets supermarket
supermarket supermarket
supermarkets supermarket
surinamese cuisine surinamese
surinamese food surinamese
sushi bar sushi
sushi bars sushi
sushi restaurant sushi
sushi sushi
sushi restaurants sushi
swiss swiss
swiss cuisine swiss
swiss restaurant swiss
swiss food swiss
swiss restaurants swiss
seamstresses tailor-and-alteration
spanish tapa tapas
spanish tapas tapas
spanish tapasbars tapas
spanish tapas restaurants tapas
spanish tapas bar tapas
spanish tapas bars tapas
spanish tapas restaurant tapas
spanish tapasbar tapas
tacos taqueria
taco taqueria
cabs taxi
taxis taxi
cab taxi
taxi taxi
taxicab stand taxi-stand
taxicab ranks taxi-stand
taxicab rank taxi-stand
taxicab stands taxi-stand
teaparlors tea
tea parlours tea
teaparlours tea
tea parlors tea
theater music and culture theatre-music-culture
theatre music and culture theatre-music-culture
tyre shop tires
wheel tyres tires
tyre shops tires
tyre sales tires
wheel tyre tires
tyreshop tires
tyre service tires
auto tyre tires
tyres tires
tyre auto tires
tyreshops tires
tyrestores tires
tyre store tires
tyre tires
auto tyres tires
wheels tyres tires
tyrestore tires
tyre discount tires
tyre repair tires
tyre services tires
tyres auto tires
tyre stores tires
tyre repairs tires
tyre sale tires
wheels tyre tires
tyre wheels tires
tyre discounts tires
tyres wheel tires
tyres wheels tires
tyre wheel tires
transportation transport
transportations transport
travel services travel-agency
travel service travel-agency
turkish food turkish
turkish cuisine turkish
tube underground-station
tube station underground-station
tube stations underground-station
vegan vegan
vegan restaurants vegan
vegan places vegan
vegan cuisine vegan
vegan restaurant vegan
vegan place vegan
vegan food vegan
booze wine-and-liquor
booze stores wine-and-liquor
booze store wine-and-liquor
offies wine-and-liquor
booze shop wine-and-liquor
wine & spirits wine-and-liquor
booze shops wine-and-liquor
offie wine-and-liquor
women's apparel store womens-apparel
women's apparel shops womens-apparel
women's fashion store womens-apparel
women's clothes store womens-apparel
women's fashion womens-apparel
women's clothes shop womens-apparel
women's apparel stores womens-apparel
women's apparel shop womens-apparel
women's clothes stores womens-apparel
women's clothes shops womens-apparel
women's fashion shop womens-apparel
women's apparel womens-apparel
women's fashion stores womens-apparel
women's fashion shops womens-apparel
women's clothes womens-apparel
zoological parks zoo
zoological garden zoo
zoological gardens zoo
zoological park zoo