Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Coverage Information

When you use the Places (Search) API to build an application, your users can find individual locations in:

  • over 200 countries
  • over 1.5 million different areas (cities, districts, regions)
  • over 25 million streets split into 90 million and more individual segments

In an increasing number of countries, the Places (Search) API provides detailed, building-specific location information (over 120 million point addresses within 15 countries).

Places (Search) API offers information about over 63 million named and categorized places in 239 countries:

  • over 10 countries with more than 1 million places
  • over 53 countries with more than 100 thousand places

Several millions of places come with rich attribution/content like:

  • editorial information for trusted content partners
  • ratings, reviews and images aggregated from a variety of online communities
  • additional business information, often provided by the owner