Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Displaying Content

All results returned by the API must be shown to the user, and they must be presented to the user in the order that they were returned by the API.

Note: Developers can use the size parameter to request a certain number of results. In other words, if you are only interested in displaying 3 results, then set the size parameter (in the particluar entrypoint you want to use) to 3.

However, unless otherwise stated, developers can choose which fields of these results to display to the user and which not to show. For example, it is up to the developer whether to show a field like averageRating.

There are several required fields to display. Currently, developers are required to display:

  • Source Attribution when showing elements for which source attribution is provided
  • Full Places Data in the view URI - the UI must provide a link that allows the user of the application to access the full place details as provided by HERE in a web browser (or any other platform component that is capable of rendering HTML web resources). This link must use the URI provided in the view attribute of the place.

As a further restriction on the display of data, the results may not be used to create 'mash-ups' or enhanced services, if the goal is to create similar products to compete with products available from HERE or to incorrectly attribute content from the API. Similarly, making modifications, additions, omissions, alterations, adaptations or derivative works of the content is not allowed.