Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Request Entrypoints

The Places (Search) API provides various resources that represent entrypoints into the places service. Search and Discovery Entrypoints provide the fundamental entrypoints of the API and are the first step in the Entrypoints and Media Types. Additional Entrypoints occasionally occur before or after the typical user flow.

For each of the entrypoints below, there is a description of several aspects:

  • Resource URI – identifies the appropriate coding to be included in a request header in order to use the resource, along with some of the parameters. For example, with the Search Resource URI as /discover/search?q=...&[at=...], a developer needs to include /discover/search with the parameters of q and at. To see how to organize each resource and the resulting parameters, refer to the Request Example section in the resource documentation.
  • Resource Parameters – base parameters for each resource. Each resource has different parameters with differing levels of requirement as explained under each respective resource.
  • HTTP Method – indicates the desired action to be performed on the identified resource.
  • Request Example – an example showing the proper way to send a request for the given resource. Each example includes the Resource URI, the appropriate parameters for that URI (for example q and at for the Search resource), the authorization credentials - apiKey, and some additional standardized REST parameters (such as pretty for pretty printing).
  • Response Media Type – the appropriate Media Type for the resource. Media types are additional resources that work with their parent resource to offer more information or usability options.
  • Representation Modifiers – API media types that allow applications to adjust the presentation of the returned response to suit their needs. Applications can activate the various tailoring options by passing a series of options as additional query string parameters to the request. For each resource, a number of parameters are listed as appropriate.
  • Response Example – an example response from the Places (Search) API servers for the given Resource Entrypoint, such as the Search Resource Entrypoint). This information is represented in JSON format.