Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Search Vicinity

Vicinity is how Places (Search) API represents different relevance, distance from current location or context of search results. Places (Search) API conveys information by omitting or including different parts of addresses so the end user can rule out certain contexts and select the most relevant search results.

For example if query for Berlin has an implicit location of Boston the following fictional result examples clarify the vicinity
  • Berlin, "Germany"
  • Berlin, "NH"
or a query for Berlin from somewhere in Germany,
  • Berlin, ""
  • Berlin, "Schleswig-Holstein"
  • Berlin, "NH, USA"

Note that same locations can have the vicinity displayed in a different way depending on the search context and how many other results require disambiguation.

Vicinity can be used to disambiguate various levels of distance, as shown for Starbucks made in Smalltown by the following fictional results with differing vicinities
  • Starbucks, "A Street"
  • Starbucks, "Nexttown"
  • Starbucks, "NextCity"
  • Starbucks, "Farfarway CA"