Places (Search) API Developer's Guide


Note: This service is no longer being actively developed. We will only provide critical fixes for this service in future. Instead, you can use the new Geocoding and Search API v7 service.
This document introduces the Places (Search) API and:
  • explains key concepts
  • provides examples
  • documents resources and query parameters
  • documents response structures and data types

For the terms and conditions covering this documentation, see the HERE Documentation License.

What Is the Places (Search) API?

The HERE Places (Search) API is a REST API that allows you to build applications where users can search for addresses and places and received detailed information about selected places.

Why Use the Places (Search) API?

The Places (Search) API provides resources to address the following high-level use cases:
Table 1. Main features of the HERE Places (Search) API
Feature Description
Text string search Based on a text string, search for relevant places. The Places (Search) API supports a number of different options for these searches, allowing searches based on different options, autosuggestion based on partial search terms and location, and searches based on voice input.
Search for locations nearby Based on a location, search for places in the vicinity. The Places (Search) API also allows you to filter by category.
Search for places and sort by proximity within a location context Based on a location context, search for places in the vicinity and sort the results by distance. The Places (Search) API also allows you to filter by category.