Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Action Post Media Type

The action media type describes a user interaction made against the Places (Search) API, for example, the user clicking to the dial the phone number of a place.

Media Type URI

Attribute Type Description
meta Object[Meta]; optional Meta information about the operation to report actions.
actions Array[Action] The actions that are being reported.

Meta Object

This object contains meta-information describing the upload of action information that is taking place. The meta object object has the following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
currentTimestamp String[DateTime]; optional The time that the upload to the Actions resource was made, according to the clock from which the actions' timestamp field values came from.

Action Object

The action object represents an interaction made against a place. It has the following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
resource String The URL in the Places (Search) API of the place that the reported action took place against. For example, if the action reported is a phone number being called, this is the URL of the place which had its phone number called.
types Array[String] List of action type URNs. Each URN represents a type of action, and begins with "urn:nlp-actions".
timestamp String[DateTime]; optional A date and time string representing when the action took place. Its format is yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ.
client String; optional An identifier used to identify different client devices, for example in cases where cookies can't be provided by the client device
parameters Object(map of String to String); optional A map for passing any extra information with your action post beyond what is contained in the other fields.


  "actions": [
      "resource": ";context=Zmxvdy1pZD1kNTQwYzMzZC1kYmI1LTU2NDQtYmI5Yi1jZDZlZjY4NWY4NmJfMTQwOTMwMTcyMzc2N18wXzUxMjEmcmFuaz0w?apiKey={YOUR_API_KEY}",
      "types": [
      "timestamp": "2013-07-12T14:34:10.763+0100"
      "resource": ";context=Zmxvdy1pZD1kNTQwYzMzZC1kYmI1LTU2NDQtYmI5Yi1jZDZlZjY4NWY4NmJfMTQwOTMwMTcyMzc2N18wXzUxMjEmcmFuaz0x?apiKey={YOUR_API_KEY}",
      "types": [
      "timestamp": "2013-07-12T14:38:10.763+0100"

Action Type URNs

The following is a list of action type URNs that we suggest to use for some of the actions that we expect to be made with Places (Search) API places. This list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Type Description
urn:nlp-actions:placeselected Select place from a result list.
urn:nlp-actions:viewplaceonmap View place on map.
urn:nlp-actions:emailclicked Click on place e-mail.
urn:nlp-actions:websitelinkclicked Click on place website URL.
urn:nlp-actions:phonenumberclicked Click on place phone number.
urn:nlp-actions:pinnedtohomescreen Pin place to home screen.
urn:nlp-actions:shareplace Share place to external service.
urn:nlp-actions:addplacetocollection Add place to collection/favourites.
urn:nlp-actions:walkingdirections Generate walking directions to/via place.
urn:nlp-actions:drivingdirections Generate driving directions to/via place.
urn:nlp-actions:publictransportdirections Generate public transport directions to/via place.
urn:nlp-actions:navigationstarted Start to follow navigation directions..
urn:nlp-actions:destinationreached Arrive at navigation destination.