Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Category Graph Media Type

The category-graph media type represents a set of categories with parent-child relationships between them.

Media Type URI


Media Type Structure

The representation provides a paginateable list of result items, each of which represents a category node. Each node contains a link to the related category resource and the category ids of its parents in the graph.

The search results is a paginateable collection of result items.

Each result item is a CategoryGraphNode.

Attribute Type Description
items Array[CategoryGraphNode]  

Category Graph Node

Attribute Type Description
id String A unique category identifier
title String A localized title for the resource to which the link refers. Clients can display this title within their application.
icon String (URI); optional  
type String; optional The type of the resource being linked to. The value is either a valid MIME media type or a URI. Places (Search) API internal links always use a URN in the namespace "nlp-types" for the type attribute. If missing, the link goes to a web resource that is best opened in a universal http client, like a web browser.
href String (URI) A link to the category resource represented by this graph node
system String Category system of the category
within Array[String] An array with the category ids of this node's parents