Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Simplified corridor route

Result of the corridor simplification endpoint. Contains the url to simplified corridor request and the new corridor width.

Attribute Type Description
href String (URI) The URL to the simplified corridor request. Route parameter of the URL is derived from the original route using encoding algorithm with optional a simplification algorithm. Width of the corridor is newCorridorWidth.
type String; optional  
newCorridorWidth Number (integer) new corridor width that is needed for covering space of the original corridor request.

The goal of SimplifiedCorridorResult is to give user a corridor request URL with shortened route parameter. Simplified route is created from the original route by applying encoding and simplification algorithms (latter only if necessary). The result is encoded route, possiby with less coordinates if encoded route still doesn't with in URL limits.

Simplification can introduce route coverage deviation. This is expressed with newCorridorWidth. This is the width that is derived from the original route width and represent the width that will cover the same area from the original corridor request.