Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Actions Entrypoint

Note: The Actions Entrypoint is deprecated.

The Actions Entrypoint is used to send tracking actions so that they can be logged.

Providing tracking information is important for the reasons described in Client Tracking, in short, to improve Search and Discovery responses to users. Places (Search) API can track some actions based upon URLs that are requested. When this is not possible, the information must be provided by different means. The actions entrypoint can be used to provide this information.

The Actions Entrypoint is a Places (Search) API Core entrypoint and is deprecated.

Entrypoint URI


POST Method

The POST method allows a single action or a batch of actions to be uploaded in the post body. The request must have a Content-Type of application/json, and the post body must match the action-post media type.

Example for the POST request:
Request body:
  "actions": [
      "resource": ";context=Zmxvdy1pZD1kNTQwYzMzZC1kYmI1LTU2NDQtYmI5Yi1jZDZlZjY4NWY4NmJfMTQwOTMwMTcyMzc2N18wXzUxMjEmcmFuaz0w?apiKey={YOUR_API_KEY}",
      "types": [
      "timestamp": "2013-07-12T14:34:10.763+0100"
      "resource": ";context=Zmxvdy1pZD1kNTQwYzMzZC1kYmI1LTU2NDQtYmI5Yi1jZDZlZjY4NWY4NmJfMTQwOTMwMTcyMzc2N18wXzUxMjEmcmFuaz0x?apiKey={YOUR_API_KEY}",
      "types": [
      "timestamp": "2013-07-12T14:38:10.763+0100"

GET Method

If an application is not able to use the POST method, it can also trigger a GET request. In this case, only a single action can be submitted per request. The request consists of various query parameters—resource, client, timestamp and type. These fields are identical to those described in the action-post media type's Action sub-object.

Note: The parameters parameter field is supported only for the POST method.
Example for the GET request:

Action Type URNs

The following is a list of action type URNs that we suggest to use for some of the actions that we expect to be made with Places (Search) API places. This list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Type Description
urn:nlp-actions:viewplaceonmap View place on map.
urn:nlp-actions:emailclicked Click on place e-mail.
urn:nlp-actions:websitelinkclicked Click on place website URL.
urn:nlp-actions:phonenumberclicked Click on place phone number.
urn:nlp-actions:pinnedtohomescreen Pin place to home screen.
urn:nlp-actions:shareplace Share place to external service.
urn:nlp-actions:addplacetocollection Add place to collection/favourites.
urn:nlp-actions:walkingdirections Generate walking directions to/via place.
urn:nlp-actions:drivingdirections Generate driving directions to/via place.
urn:nlp-actions:publictransportdirections Generate public transport directions to/via place.