Places (Search) API Developer's Guide

Lookup Entrypoint

Endpoint provides ability to find a place by its foreign ID. Successful request results in redirect (HTTP status code 302) to the place resource with context added.

For more information how to retrieve foreign IDs, please see User Guide External References

The Lookup Entrypoint is a Places (Search) API Core entrypoint.

Entrypoint URI


Entrypoint Parameters

Parameter Type Description
source String; required Name of the foreign ID source in lower case (e.g. pvid).
Supported values are:
  • pvid: Core POI
  • venues.content: Venue content ID (DEPRECATED)
  • venues.destination: Venue destination ID (DEPRECATED)
  • venues.venue: Venue ID (DEPRECATED)
  • sharing: Place sharing id
id String; required The ID of the requested place in foreign system.

GET Method

GET method provides lookup ability.

Request Example

Response Example

{ "href" :